Hi! I'm Trisha ... wife, mother, grandmother and history enthusiast. I am not an historian but what I do have is a passion for British history that began many years ago while I was pregnant with my first child. I spent endless days in the library consuming everything I could and writing it all in my notebook.  Over the years, through moving house, raising children and everyday life, the notebook disappeared but the interest in British Monarchy didn't. Five years ago, the interest turned into passion and here I am with the first two books of my trilogy on British Monarchy sitting on the shelves.


I remember the day it all began. I was talking to my grandson about his interests. I even did what every grandparent does...I asked what he wanted to be when he grew up and I asked what subjects he was taking at school.  And it turned out that history was one of them. Brightened that we had something to talk about to take his mind off his Facebook page, I said to him 'So you know all about Henry VIII.'


It was a statement not a question and I fully expected him to say 'of course'. Everyone knows who Henry VIII is. Right? I was greeted with a blank look. I asked 'You DO know who Henry VIII is?' Apparently not my grandson.


Well, he does now. We sat and I talked for more than an hour on the subject and I told him the whole sordid story of Henry and his wives, the beheadings, the urgent need for a male heir and the transformation from charismatic eighteen-year-old to obese tyrant. I told him the story in a way he would understand and I tried to bring Henry back to life, not just as a character from a history book, but as a real life person.  And he was very interested. He laughed when he was supposed to laugh and he was shocked when he was supposed to be shocked. His reaction started me off on my project and here I am, more passionate then ever before. 


'VIKINGS TO VIRGIN' - The Hazards of being King'  is the first in my trilogy. Following that book is 'VIRGIN TO VICTORIA - The Queen is dead. Long live the Queen' with the last one in the process being 'VICTORIA TO VIKINGS - The Circle of Blood'.  Okay...I know it sounds academic but it's actually not.  Sure it based on facts, but if you know anything at all about the British, you'll know that among the good and well-meaning monarchs, some of them were ruthless, not to mention greedy, murderous, adulterers, swindlers, cowards and totally corrupt.  Their story is better than a thriller about a serial killer on the loose because this story is absolutely true.  Don't imagine a fairy story with handsome kings in wondrous castles whisking off princesses on their white horses to the sound of trumpets and the cheers of their people. Imagine powerful individuals who were brutal and would stop at nothing to get what they wanted and who were more than happy to get rid of the odd family member or two who were standing in the way of their progress to the throne.


My goal is to bring all the kings and queens back to life again with all of the heroism, betrayals and lust that was just part of the times they lived in.  Some reigned for years, some reigned for weeks. Some should never have reigned at all.  But they all had one thing in common.  In those days, these kings and queens were the most powerful men and women in the country and their power was absolute.


I sincerely hope you enjoy the first part of my story...


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