I'm both happy and a little sad to announce that the final in my V2V series is finished and on its way to the printers. I'm happy because it's the end of the most wonderful ride of my life. It's been long and hard, but I've never regretted starting on this amazing trip.


Finding a title for my books was challenging. I wanted something catchy but not too run-of-the-mill. Sitting on the deck, sipping a glass of wine and staring off into the distance, helped considerably because that's when the idea flashed before my eyes. At that very moment, the V2V series was born.


The third in this series is called 'Victoria to Vikings - The Circle of Blood' and as the title suggests, it travels through time from Queen Victoria and finishes with the Vikings, where it all began. But why 'The Circle of Blood' you may be asking?


Without giving too much away, this final book in the series ends with Queen Elizabeth II and her marriage to Prince Philip. Everyone's read biographies on Queen Elizabeth and I don't want to be just another writer in the growing group. My story, of course, has to touch on her (she is the current monarch after all) but it focuses on the link back to the Vikings. And this is where Prince Philip comes into the picture. It's Prince Philip who can trace his history through the only male link back to Sweyne Forkbeard who was the father of King Canute in early British monarchy history. King George V was the son of King Edward VII and Alexandra of Denmark but his link is through the female side. Prince Charles will be the first Viking King of England related through the male side, because of Prince Philip's heritage. But that's it for previews. No more hints.


 In the meantime, I hope you will keep an eye open for interviews and posts as a lead up to the release.